Writing (and reading) have been a passion for a long time!

I guess I can say I already had children, planted a tree and wrote a book (partially at least).

I'm an avid reader and I guess that lead to writing.

I've been writing for a long period, actually started while blogs and blogspot was still a thing...


Whatever I feel like writing at the time

Contributor @ Education section


Descascar de uma ontologia

I kind of have a book in the works that would sum up my vision of the world.

Let's see if I can wrap it up some day.

I was invited to contribute to this book. You can read my contribution and find the link to the book here.


Are you trapped with me in an elevator? Well if you want to pass time I have some real stories...

Warning: All are true events... some are funny, some are just surreal and a few are a bit dark.

  • 2007: Wiretapping...

  • 2007: Secret Enemy, or how I ended up sleeping in a hole

  • 2007: Yes a minivan can go down a mountain fire road

  • 2009: How "The Bats" were actually "carnivorous"

  • 2010: Yes "Pepins de la mer" exists

  • 2010: How we found someone floating

  • 2010: Don't drink hot sauce while being at the library

  • 2011: One time at Summer Camp Methylene blue appeared and then... hot sauce at McDonald's

  • 2012: How my internet "nickname" got me into TEDx

  • 2016: How to stop people from stealing food at work

  • 2016: It's San Francisco time, Goooogleeee!

  • 2019: Don't make assumptions, that might get someone to eat jars of jelly

  • ...