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Host @ O Que Arde Cura - Charity & Comedy

Tiago Bahia classified me as a "sadist with a good heart". That is probably because for a long time I used hot sauces to make people have "unique" experiences.

During COVID confinement, already predicting the heart breaking consequences of it, I decided it was time to act.

I challenged some friends: Tiago Bahia, Carlos Mota and João Eiró... and for some unexplainable reason they accepted the challenge.  Not long after, Tiago created the name, Mariana Leal Rato also  joined with the brand logo and image: game on!

"O Que Arde Cura" was born as our modest contribution to help those who helps others while trying to make people laugh.


We interview 2 guests from a different Charity Association every month. While they introduce us to the association, we and them eat hotter and hotter sauces.

This is all live to YouTube, Facebook, Twitter... and while we're at it, we ask for donations for the charity. The more donations they get, the hotter the sauce gets!

How to define us?

We're kind of a Live Aid meets Hot Ones, if Live Aid were to be done by amateurs and Hot Ones had "Frango da Guia" and both of them happened at the same time in someone's living room.

It might last a few or a lot of months... but it was already worth it.

Until we decide it's time to put down the fire we'll definitely "do harm" to a lot of people that do good!

O que é "O Que Arde Cura?"

Best of T1E1 

Best of T1E6

I try to fight very actively against fake information online?

Why? Simple:

“We should delicately and subtly undermine the idea that truth and facts are possible in the first place. Once the people have become doubtful about the truth of anything, all kinds of things will be open to us.”

― Philip Pullman

I refuse to accept that due to the higher effort required to fight it, bullshit can spread untouched. You can quote me on that.

For that I created a little section on this page (still little but that will grow with time) with myths/fake things that annoy me.

Co-founder @ GDG Porto - Dev Community

In June 2015 I co-founded  GDG Porto with my good friend João Raimundo. Soon joined by André Silva the "original gang" would bring Google Developers Group conferences to Porto.

Our mission? 

To be a community to make Porto developers to spread the knowledge between people in different companies, schools and universities. Now younger blood has joined the boat  (👋 Artur and Nelson) and are actually the new captains (I'm getting old!). 

I'm now at their disposal, sir, yes sir!

Summer Camp movement

I was for 10+ years part of Campinácios, a Portuguese summer camp movement born from the 3 Portuguese Jesuits Schools.

For those 10 years I learned I loved camping and teaching kids and enjoyed being a summer camp monitor. 

I've also got deeply involved in the national organization, coordinating for some years both the National and Coimbra's leading groups.

It was such a huge part of my life that although I'm no longer actively connected, it should be here.