So you’re coming to Porto?

That’s a great idea!

Here is a wonderful view of what you'll see (skyline from Mindera's Porto office)

I’m not sure that you’re ready for the rest…let me give you a glimpse of what you can find (index):

Where to eat?

No food restrictions


Book in advance since several have high demand. 

(If you still are able to: in Brasão ask Cookie cake for desert, nice variety of beers as well)

Brasão Coliseu


Bufete Fase

(old school)

Taberna Londrina


(Braga like sauce)

Traditional Portuguese Food


“Posta” or “Sernelha”

Ham and “Serra” Cheese 


or Quail

Slightly spicy and super tasty


Tip: Ask for the real hot sauce


O Astro

Cachorrinhos da Batalha 

(Little hot dogs)

Do you like any and everything chicken related?

Welcome to “Peter of chicken!”

Ask for a “Canja” and Chicken for X people!

Portuguese food


Casa Presuntos “Xico”


Casa Expresso

Traditional Portuguese food

Pote Velho


Taberna Santo António

Medieval Tavern

(per reservation only)


Fish / Octopus / Squid

(ask for advice on which fish to ask to the employee)

Meat Heaven

(ask for advice on which fish to ask to the employee)

Out of the ordinary food




Middle Eastern Street Food


Vegan Donuts

High €nd

Experimental cuisine

Chef Avillez’s restaurant

Great food

A kind of Salt Mae experience

Really Expensive but great place 

Have a drink/Tea

Old chapel turned into a wine bar. 

Amazing place. They kept most of the structure and altars of the chapel, it’s very charming. Good variety of wines, you can ask the staff for advice.

Craft beers

They have a great variety of beers - tap and bottle - both portuguese and foreign. You can ask to have a sip of tap beers if you’re indecise. 

Cool terrace in the backyard.

Beer in a garden

Nice and helpful staff also nice snacks and good quality craft beer. 

Go down the stairs for extra seating and also to sit in the beer garden. Lovely and quiet place. 

Teas from all over the world

Teas from all over the world with a lovely backyard garden. 

Cat Café

Purrfect place for cat lovers, this fairly recent space is the first cat café in Porto. The owners belong to an animal welfare association so all the cats in the café are cats taken from the streets that are there to socialise and to be adopted. 

Challenges - Who is brave enough?

Brace yourself... and ask for the “Mega Francesinha"

12  🔥 hot 🔥 wings in 3 minutes 

Desert or Snack

Pastel de Nata


Leitaria da Quinta do Paço


Confeitaria Moura

Pavlovas and cakes

Best ‘croissants’


(Grab a bite by the beach)

Brunch / Pancakes / …

If you want to treat yourself big time...

What to visit?

Places to visit - Porto

Ex-libris of the city 

Can be seen from many different points in the city. 

Has a tower, church and a museum

Considered the city centre

This is a majestic avenue surrounded with buildings with beaux arts facades. On top of it it’s the city council. 


19th century Stock Exchange Palace

An a very beautiful historical building in Porto, with a special note to the Arab Room (not the one in the picture for no spoilers). 

The bookshop that is famous for inspiring Harry Potter

Super iconic bookshop. It is considered one of the most beautiful bookshops in the world. Has a clean/painted/beautiful facade and an amazing staircase inside. Recently, because of the amount of visitors, an entry fee has to be paid to visit the inside but you can trade with when buying a book there. Be ready for queues and a bit of waiting. 

Beautiful train station

A true icon of the city. 

Right in the city centre, a must-see!

Square situated in the heart of the nightlife in Porto. 

Has an important academic tradition and it’s in the middle of amazing buildings like Reitoria do Porto (where the University of Porto was founded) and Igreja do Carmo (tiles church).

River-front pedonal street, 

with coloured and narrow houses, loads of restaurants with traditional and a very good vibe.

Porto Botanical Garden

has several ponds, greenhouses and you can usually see each plants species in a little plaque. The entry is free.

One of the most beautiful coffee places in the world

Most likely expect a queue to enter the most famous coffee place in Porto. It dates back from 1921, with a Belle Epoque-era architectural style.

Old cathedral

Nice sightseeing

Nice gardens to visit

It's name Jardins do Palácio de Cristal (Crystal Palace Gardens) due to it's original building now gone. It's has now an event/sport venue maintaining the original gardens with an amazing river view.

Old customs building (UNESCO patrimony)

Now converted into convention centre. Usually has some interesting exhibitions.

Alfândega do Porto

Nice gardens and Museum

Tram tour

Want to go for a concert on an amazing place?

Venue for shows and concerts. Known for its advanced architecture and quirky design, it’s a modern symbol of the city.

Named most beautiful McDonald's in the world

McDonald's Aliados

Places to visit - Gaia

Nice sightseeing - walk across the bridge to Gaia

Then see Porto from here

Beautiful view, museums and Porto wine tasting

Places to visit - Matosinhos

Nice sightseeing and Park

Miradouro da Aurora / Parque da Cidade

Old beach fort

Walk along the Beach

Ocean sea pool 

Visit traditional canned fish factory

Fun / Team Building

Porto & Matosinhos

Axe Throwing

Golf on a Pub


Do you want to be challenged?

"Climb" a bridge

Escape rooms

(Small) Bridge cruise 

Full day up-river cruise

Bouldering (Indoor Climbing)

Bubble Football 

Bubble Football Povoa Varzim


Paintball Porto

Dinner with the Assassin

Jantar com o Assassino


Be a Band


This started as a simple Google Doc that I shared with people coming to visit Mindera's Porto office but kept growing and I started receiving request to share this.

I'll try to keep this page updated as well... if you want to check the original doc, open it here and an alternative one here.