Why, How, What!

Why "neteinstein.org"?

Well, actually "neteinstein" is a username I use since I was very young (it was actually the lamer NeTeInStEiN version... 😬). 

During 1999 IRC was "the thing". I started at Dalnet and then moved to PTnet. Finding a free username wasn't very easy. I was very fond of Einstein but it was taken, so... I ended up with this one. Since it was available in (almost) every platform I continued using it... until today I guess.

Why Google Sites?

I just wanted something fast, simple and easy to update. It's quite limited, but I'm not building a rocket ship 🚀 (here at least!) 

Why English and not Portuguese?

It's a habit, I guess. I spend my working day speaking and writing in English... and I got used to it. So I end up writing in English everything that is  work related.

Don't get me wrong, I do really like to write in Portuguese, but since this has a lot of  work/tech parts, I decided to leave it this way. 

Why Gifs?

I don't take myself too serious. We're all going to die anyway, so don't be too stiff about life. You'll have much more fun!

Why are you so beautiful?

I was just born this way 💥


Why, then How and finally What! 👌


Why not?