"Don't show up to prove, show up to improve"

Simon Sinek


I've been working with a lot of different people, both small teams and very large groups (500+) at various organizations: work and NGOs.This led me to understand people are my passion. After that work has become almost just an "excuse" to be with people, get to know them and make work enjoyable for all.

Since I do a ton of different things, I guess if you want to "box me" with a title... so I started calling myself an Improver. 

What kind of bullsh*t title is that? - you might be wondering.

Well I try to improve around me everything it might be team related, tech related, small or big, but that's always my goal, to help improve and make things better. Teams are one of my favorite topics that I've focused on for the last 10 years. 

It led to the things below...

There is an "I" on a Team, but it can be from "I"mprovement!


(some call it evaluation... but that's a long story)

After working in several companies and volunteer organizations, with very small too very to large teams, we found one thing that was always an issueEmpathy driven  Feedback

This happened while at organizations that had evaluation processes or where spontaneously day-to-day feedback was preferred. It happened while working with waterfall, agile or with no standard methodology at all... all lacked a common time for teams to really stop and talk!

Talk about how we feel, what we like, dislike and how to improve as a team and enjoy our work even more!

Yes, most of us gave feedback to one another, but… we were mainly addressing superficial stuff, or just work related processes, so…

I envision a session focused on the team:

Know more.

At LoopGain we provide training on feedback both for session moderators and teams. 

If you want to talk more about this, check the website or reach me.

LoopGain - Much more than a deck of cards, it's feedback for Teams made easy!

Improve Teams Workshops!

I've been creating workshops to improve teams for a while.

By being part of some NGO's and working on the Software Engineering world, working with teams was always present. 

That lead me to build some unusual workshops that will make the team question, think, smile, laugh, doubt, and wonder to finally be able to understand on their own what can be improved.

The workshops are specifically designed for each organization according to their preference/needs but they can contain some of these modules.



Improve processes

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Note: If you work at a non-profit/school I'm glad to provide this pro bono.

LoopGain Family

After teams...

I'm a husband for 10+ years and father (of 3) for our 7... that experience made me want to build something to bootstrap conversations and bring (more) empathy driven feedback to family.

This is still on "Alpha", and may in the future grow to something like LoopGain's deck.

If you are interested please reach me for more info.