One time in Bandcamp...

Are you bored?

Well if you want to pass some time I have some real stories...

Like how I got stuck in the mud with a jeep...lost... in the middle of a military base with Explosion warnings all around...

Warning: All are true events... some are funny, some are just surreal and a few... are a bit dark

  • 2005: How to almost get beaten just by going to a bar with friends

  • 2007: Wiretapping...

  • 2007: Secret Enemy, or how I ended up sleeping in a hole

  • 2007: Yes a minivan can go down a mountain fire road

  • 2009: How "The Bats" were actually "carnivorous"

  • 2010: Yes "Pepins de la mer" exist

  • 2010: How we found someone floating

  • 2010: Don't drink hot sauce while being at the library

  • 2011: One time at Summer Camp.... Methylene blue appeared and then... hot sauce at McDonald's

  • 2012: How my internet "nickname" got me into TEDx

  • 2016: How to stop people from stealing food at work

  • 2016: It's San Francisco time, Goooogleeee!

  • 2019: Don't make assumptions, that might get someone to eat jars of jelly

  • 2021: How my father is really worst than me with chocolate and candies that.. are hot

  • 2021: Chocolates make some people drop on the floor...

  • ...